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Get started selling digital assets such as utility tokens, carbon credits, debt tokens and other non-fungibles with your own platform.


Why Now?

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Have your own platform

  • Provide liquidity to assets of any nature, using blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Tokenize and distribute assets such as, carbon credits, receivables, reward and loyalty programs, membership, ticketing and proof of attendance tokens, digital art and music.
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The Product

An Open Platform

  • Give users a personalized platform to manage all of their digital assets.
  • Eliminate the need to manage tokens or create accounts in different exchanges and marketplaces.
  • Tokenize assets in a few clicks without the need to learn and implement complex blockchain protocols.
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The Admin Portal

Owners in charge

  • Select which assets will be tokenized, when and how! Define the terms of the sale, the distribution of funds, and add split royalties to any type of digital asset.
  • Manage approvals, registration, transaction and usage reports, and even give access to your engineering teams to build your own applications using our APIs.
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BetaBlocks was created to support complex blockchain initiatives.



Anonymous data monetization project using blockchain at Magic Leap.



Endeavor ScaleUp program in the US and develop white-label platform for digital assets.



Venture Capital funding and international expansion.



Launch security tokenization platform and support utility token use cases.

Security is at the heart of the platform

We use blockchain as a foundation for our transactions.
We partner with trusted payment providers
We only collect user data for verification and to comply with local regulations

Use Cases

Carbon Credits

Generate a positive impact on the environment in an economically sustainable way, by tokenizing your ESG assets and accessing a liquid global market


Increase the value of your credit assets, such as 'precatórios' and credit card receivables, by tokenizing and trading these rights in a more efficient, transparent and cost-effective way

Rewards and Incentives

Increase the results of your sales and marketing campaigns by rewarding customers, employees and business partners with personalized benefits

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Access a global pool of resources to fund your project, benefiting from blockchain advantages such as transparency and traceability

Membership and Communities

Provide a unique, secure and personal key for members of your community to access exclusive content, experiences and benefits

Ticketing and Proof of Attendance

Differentiate your event and increase the participants engagement through relationship tokens and proof of attendance certificates

Loyalty Programs

Reward your best customers with digital assets that can activate exclusive benefits and products, dynamically and online, via blockchain

Digital Art and Music

Create artist or gallery marketplaces to sell and distribute digital art, easily configuring the royalties split automatically on the platform

Meet the Digital Assets


Token Standards: ERC 721, ERC 1155

What Are?

Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) are a type of digital asset that we can use to represent ownership of unique and normally scarce assets, such as credit rights, event tickets, personal IDs for membership and loyalty programs and digital collectibles such as art and music. Each NFT is unique and not interchangeable for other items because they have specific properties, such as an individual identifier in the blockchain.


While copies of these digital items are available for anyone to obtain, NFTs are tracked on blockchain to provide the owner with a proof of ownership that is separate from copyright. In addition to authenticity and transparency, NFTs also allows for higher liquidity and royalty distribution to anyone that has some right to the asset.

How to use in my business?

You can use our white-label Digital Assets MARKETPLACE and CLAIM PORTAL to build, mint, drop, sell or redeem NFTs, supporting various use cases for your business. Please contact our team to discuss your project.

Utility (Fungible) Tokens

Token Standards: ERC 20

What Are?

Fungible items, on the other hand, can be exchanged because their value defines them rather than their unique properties. For example, ETH or dollars are fungible because 1 ETH / $1 USD is exchangeable for another 1 ETH / $1 USD. Fungible tokens are typically used in applications where managing the total balance of assets is more important than tracking each token individually.


Fungible tokens offer an easy route for companies to develop blockchain products. They can be used in a variety of applications where issuing tokens, storing and exchanging value between participants is important, such as in carbon credits, receivables and debt tokenization platforms.

How to use in my business?

You can use our white-label Digital Assets UTILITY PLATFORM to issue, buy, sell, store or exchange fungible tokens for a product or an experience, supporting various use cases for your business. Please contact our team to discuss your project.


  • Build a powerful & fascinating marketplace
  • Use pre-existing templates and themes
  • Launch your own digital assets portal in minutes
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  • Create, list, sell and manage your own company tokens
  • Allow your users to exchange your tokens for a product or an experience
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals, with integrated bank transfers
  • Easily adaptable to your own business model

Our Product Verticals

Our products are built to accelerate the transition of your business to Web3, through whitelabel and easily customizable solutions to fit your business needs and requirements

WYSIWYG Page Editor

Design the look & feel and user experience according to you brand requirements, with the simplicity of drag and drop menus and a no-code, intuitive interface

Full suite of APIs

Make your own creations or use our developers' platform as the launchpad to accelerate your company Web3 strategy

Administration Interface

Give your business the security and flexibility to collaborate with other business units, and see the effectiveness of your digital asset footprint via reports, access levels and much more

About BetaBlocks

Founded in 2018 in Miami, USA, BetaBlocks is a technology infrastructure company for digital assets, with a track record of complex blockchain implementations.

We accelerate the transition of businesses to Web3 through whitelabel solutions, easily customizable by companies of all segments.

We offer a complete portfolio of solutions for various industries: carbon credits, receivables tokenization, digital asset marketplaces, reward and loyalty programs, among others.

Our products include NFTs and utility tokens platforms, with tools such as airdrop, electronic auction and instant settlement via smart contracts, payment gateway integration, custody and a full suite of APIs for developers.

The convergence of open, cryptographic and digital assets is creating new opportunities that will shape the future of humanity, and our mission is to democratize companies' access to the technology that drives this revolution, propelling its benefits to society.

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